Top 5 reasons why you should hire a Wedding Planner in New York


1. Keeping you stress-free
A wedding planner takes on your stress so you can have a peace of mind from the entire planning process, even on the day of your wedding. Right after the engagement there are, of course, numerous things for you to take considerations of; from budgeting to deciding on the right ceremony place to picking out your ideal wedding dress. What people don’t know about you, the bride-to-be, is that instead of being preoccupied with all those choices and ideas you should be enjoying your engagement just like them, celebrating and relishing the moment. After all, this IS one of the happiest moments of your life. Hiring a wedding planner can give you that sense of relief by serving you as the point person while she creates a network with all the vendors.

2. Save unnecessary expenses
You might be thinking, how is that even possible? In general, when people think about wedding planners they would usually associate it with extra expenses. In fact, it’s actually the other way around! Normally when couples begin to plan for their weddings, often a detailed budget is not added onto the list. What they would usually do is to perform a big research on things like wedding attires, venues, or photographers and collect those details to compare prices. Since there are just too many choices for you to select from, causing you a huge headache would definitely not make things easier. Besides, how will you communicate with the vendors to make sure everything would be what it’s described to be? If you planned on doing everything mentioned before on your own, applause for you! But sometimes, the results might not turn out to be what you expected. For that reason, having a wedding planner can wisely allocate a complete, detailed budget plan for you and will also ensure you spending unnecessary expenses are not needed at all.

3. Connecting with vendors
Truth be told, a wedding planner best serves you at establishing relationships with vendors. When choosing your vendors, you might need to deliberate if they could cooperate with each other. For instance, let’s say the photographer and the videographer you had handpicked have never met each other and their first encounter might probably be at your wedding. Without the time of creating the right chemistry would most likely lower the chance of them collaborating the way you wanted. An important thing to point out is that team work is very crucial; each vendor plays a unique and an effective role, which forms the whole body of a picture-perfect wedding. Planning your big day by yourself is heavy enough; to further ensure the vendors’ ability to work together is definitely not what you’ve signed up for. Let’s face it; you already have a lot on your plate. To ease your stress a wedding planner will prepare a thorough list of vendors for you to choose from that fits your budget and preference.


4. Information Filter
A wedding planner works closely with you to help bringing your vision to reality. There are multiple resources on the internet that you can utilize as your ultimate source to inspire that wedding of your dreams. Certainly, browsing various wedding pictures and organizing all your wedding needs can be very exciting but it could also get overwhelming. A wedding planner can filter any unnecessary information for you and also guide you efficiently to ensure each of your spending decision is worth to make.

5. Coordination
Your wedding planner will and should also be your day-of coordinator. There are tons of reasons why you MUST have a coordinator on your wedding day and I will have the next blog entry dedicated to that. Long story short, the earlier a wedding planner starts working with you, the better coordination and risk management can be performed on your wedding day. Trust me, to have your family or friends help you with coordinating could make matters worse. It’s your wedding, a precious time of your life, and you would definitely not want those million hours planning ahead go to waste. What you certainly need is a professional coordinator---your wedding planner, to deliver what you have envisioned and to perform it fully on your big day.