I had my wedding in NYC in August. Shirley was our wedding planner and the day of coordinator. She did an absolute amazing job. Her price is totally reasonable given the quality of her work during that five months.

I would recommend every couple hire a planner for their wedding considering the amount of time and mental stress that a wedding planner can take off by making sure the timeline, reminding us on detailed small items and helping with selecting and contacting the vendors. What Shirley does particularly well is that she truly listens to the clients’ need and customized the entire plan, from allocating budget based on what we cared the most, to giving us her honest and professional opinions on decor/stationary/dj/program etc. She speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese and knows quite a lot about Chinese wedding traditions, which is always a big plus for couples from China/HK/Taiwan.

Shirley has such a positive attitude and is always willing to help. I really enjoyed working with her. She doesn’t complain at all about having calls and meetings with us during the evening/weekends. I really appreciated that. During the wedding day, she took care of everything. All we did on that day was to enjoy the moment and celebrate with all our loved ones.
— Joan + Derek

Wedding is expensive, so as brides we look for where we can cut cost. At first I was hesitant to hire a wedding planner. I felt like I didn’t really see the need for one. I’m one of those people that really enjoyed planning and handling things myself, but thank goodness I listened to my now husband and hired Shirley. It honestly made my wedding day so much more enjoyable and less stressful.

On your wedding day, you are going to have a millions things to worry about, you do not need to be worrying about coordinating with the other vendors and directing guests. That’s what Shirley did for me. She was my person of communication with the florists, photographer, DJ etc. She made sure we were on on schedule and coordinate the guests on where to go.

You might say “Well my mom, my sister, or my maid of honor can do it.” No wrong because they themselves will be super busy, as well. So unless you have a really trustworthy best friend or family member who somehow did not want to be part of your bridal party, it is really hard to make it work.

Shirley has 3 different packages depending on much help you need. I just picked the day of since I knew I could do most of the other planning myself. Honestly, it was the best decision I could have made for my wedding. Shirley is organized and is very good at coordinating and making sure the event runs smoothly. So glad she was there for my wedding!
— Thuy + Craig

Honestly, I was not sure if I wanted to get a day-of coordinator. I really thought that we can handle all of the logistics ourselves. But my wife seriously wanted to get one, and I really couldn’t be happier with that decision. We had a typical Chinese banquet in Flushing, New York. The only problem is that I don’t speak a single word of Chinese. Not only Shirley coordinated with the vendors to make sure everything ran smoothly, but she acted as an informal translator between us and our Chinese vendors.

When it came to wedding day, everything ran smoothly. She made sure that the food came out on the right time, the DJ played the right music, the guests are happy, etc. My wife also had an emergency wedding dress situation – no one knew how to bustle her dress! We needed the dress bustled right before our first dance, or we would be tripping all over each other. Shirley and her assistant were super helpful and were able to successfully help my wife bustle her dress. Saved the day! Thank you so much!
— Kevin + Diana

What’s amazing about Shirley is how much she truly cares so much about her clients- both my husband and I could really feel that she treated our special day as if it was her own.

We gave her the very difficult task of planning & designing two weddings- one of which was for 800 guests! Through out the planning process, she was always accommodating and easy to communicate with. She took time to understand what both of our visions were and how we could bring it to life. The day of our wedding, she pulled everything together seamlessly. It’s been a month and a half since we got married, and our guests still talk about how memorable everything was!!!!

My husband and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help us. THANK YOU SHIRLEY for our magical day!!!!
— Hana + Rick

Shirley was a blessing to have as my wedding coordinator! We clicked right away when we first met. She really impressed me by her organization, flexibility, professionalism, everything!! She was very informative with a lot different thing’s and for sure kept me calm on the wedding day. I’m so happy and glad I chose for our special day!!
— Marisela

Trust me, going with Genesis Wedding will be the best wedding planning decision you make, period! I knew from the beginning that I would want a day-of coordinator to make sure our wedding day goes smoothly. Unfortunately, Shirley was already booked for our date by the time I found Genesis 9 months before our wedding, but we decided to go with Genesis anyway for the wedding design package which included stationery and reception decor. We seriously loved literally everything that Shirley & BK produced for us, and our guests raved about everything they did as well, not knowing that it was all Genesis’ work. Compliments poured in months before our wedding about how unique and personalized our invitations were, and we’re still hearing about how impressed our guests were when they saw our logo and theme tied into our beautiful reception decor. Every detail was absolutely perfect and we’ve received requests from our guests for referrals to Genesis. I think that alone speaks volumes about Genesis’ work — other people liked it so much, they want it for their own weddings!

Shirley truly goes above and beyond to make wedding planning easier on her brides and grooms. Even though we didn’t hire Genesis for wedding planning, she gave us advice about our seating chart and table arrangements, and helped us with some questions we had about Chinese etiquette. Shirley even helped us look for chair cover rentals a couple weeks before our wedding when we realized the venue’s chair covers wouldn’t work. We ended up booking with a vendor that we found ourselves, and Shirley still generously offered to pick up and drop off the covers all the way in Brooklyn so that we would have one less thing to do before the wedding and could immediately go on our honeymoon.

Working with Shirley is more like working with a friend than a vendor. She really cared about making our day the best that it could be. My only regret is that I didn’t find Genesis sooner, so that I could have had Shirley be our coordinator too!
— Christine + Jon

Shirley did a good job on our wedding. I’d recommend you to hire her on your big day! :)
— Crystal + Robert

I never thought I would ever feel inclined to hire a wedding planner on our big day. I always believed that I could manage and handle everything myself...but no, I completely underestimated the amount of workload this job requires. As the day drew closer I began to panic as I barely have anything done. I felt completely loss and hopeless until my friends and relatives introduced Shirley, the wedding planner of Genesis Wedding to me, only then did I finally have a peace of mind.

Shirley was like a lifesaver, she patiently sat down with me and went over all the basis and overview of the wedding plan with me. I considered myself to be a picky and hard-to-satisfy type of person but despite this, Shirley was able to fulfill all of my requests and offer professional advice that is specifically tailored towards the type of style I want for my wedding. The level of customer service and detail orientation in Genesis Wedding makes you feel like a royalty. Everything went well and smooth and definitely exceeded my expectations.

To give all those who are about to step upon their ceremony of their life, I highly suggest you to give Genesis Wedding a consideration. It will save you a lot of time and headache and you will definitely get your money’s worth and more~! Shirley allowed me to experience the moment of my life and I am sure she could help you achieve that as well~!
— Naomi + Jay

Shirley is amazing! I hired her to coordinate on the wedding day. She’s immensely thorough and super detail-oriented. I wish I had hired her from the get-go, that would save me so much time and energy!

I simply can’t say enough good thing about her. I’d recommend her to everyone who wants a peace of mind on your big day. You won’t go wrong with her!
— Mo + Edwin

The first thing I did for my wedding plan was searching for a wedding planner, who could make my big day uniquely with my personal style. And I found Shirley!

I thought we still had enough time when we first met, but when the date was approaching, seems every dealing was driving me crazy. Luckily, I got Shirley! She and her designer are patiently fulfill all I want, and gave out wonderful ideas. It makes decision making much easier. They were helping to make the most organized and keep up with all of your deadlines, so the last 60 days will not be a blur!

IF I COULD GIVE OTHER BRIDES TO BE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE...For your wedding day, do your very best to live in the moment. Don’t worry or think about what happened minutes before, or what is supposed to happen next. Savor each second of the day because it passes in a flash. For these all, becuz you got a great planner on your first hand.
— Ceelyn + Can

Our wedding was on 9/5/15. Working with Shirley was a great experience! We wanted to serve Chinese food family style for the main reception meal. Shirley contacted several restaurants, arranged multiple dinners and meetings, and helped us choose Fu Run. The whole experience went so smoothly and all of our friends and family raved about the delicious food.

The day of, Shirley did a great job of working with all of our vendors. We met a week in advance to review the day of plan and the list of vendors. She made sure to follow up and everyone arrived without any issues. She worked with everyone behind the scenes, so we could enjoy our day and spend extra time with our friends and family.

We feel so lucky to have found her! We highly recommend her to anyone who is planning a wedding in Flushing, Queens or the NYC-area.
— Gillie + Morgan

Where do I begin...
I won’t consider Shirley a wedding planner. She is more like a close friend to us. Allow me to explain...
From the first day til the end, Shirley is on top of our budget, design, deadline, vendors, schedule and etc...She will give us recommendations and advises for all our what make her different from other?

Shirley went to wedding dress picking no less than 5 times with my wife. She went with our wedding shoot at Bar Harbor (9 hours from NYC) for 3 days!!! This wasn’t her job duties at all.

On our official wedding day, all our guests and family gave her a thumb up with everything she did. She would provide you a stress-free wedding day. What else can I ask for. (Btw my wife was pregnant which we needed to change our day to 2 months earlier than our original day. Shirley had everything done without a sweat).
— Helen + Felix

Our wedding was on 5.2.15. Genesis Wedding provided us with excellent services since day one till the wedding day. They are very cooperative and creative. We had several meetings to discuss our wedding theme and ideas. They brought our wedding ideas into reality, and it came out very unique and memorable. I LOVE MY WEDDING SO MUCH! Genesis Wedding is the best choice!!!!! I will definitely recommend them to friends and family. My husband and I are grateful to have Genesis Wedding to be part of our special day! **THUMBS UP**
— AnN + Travis

Our wedding was on 2013-09-07. Genesis Wedding made our wedding special and unique. From the preparation to the wedding day, Genesis Wedding oversaw every aspect. They were professional, but very personable when dealing with our desires and we appreciate every detail. We loved our wedding and it was great to have Genesis Wedding to be our wedding planner.
— Cindy + Cody

I used Genesis for both my wedding and baby shower and couldn’t be happier. Unlike those wedding studios out there that offer cookie cutter services and very little personal attention once they’ve convinced you to sign up, Genesis on the other hand provides much more attentive and personalized services. They truly are passionate about what they do and are also creative and resourceful. Not many brides see the value of hiring a wedding planner, thinking why incur an extra expense if they could do all the planning, budgeting and logistics themselves. The truth is they probably can but the amount of time, money and headache they end up investing in this biggest project of their lives, it might just be more cost effective to hire a planner like Genesis.
— Janice + Sam

From the design, to choosing vendor, following-up on scheduled events; Genesis wedding looked after me in every single aspect throughout the planning thru execution. They did an amazing job making sure products meet what we wanted (and often going above and beyond w/ pleasant surprises). We saw a lot of hearts and thoughts putting in to make everything run as smooth as it can. Thanks for calming my nerves and being accommodating all the time! We are grateful to have you - thank you once again!
— Helen + Kun

Genesis Wedding went thru the whole planning process with us, along with setting a unique theme, invitation design and production and venue decoration including church and banquet. We love the way that the invitation and venue decoration were tailored with the unique wedding theme that we brainstormed together! It was a memorable wedding for us! The team is very responsive, dedicated and talented. Highly recommend if you want an unique and memorable wedding!
— Carrie + Yim

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